Zam Captures the Feeling of a Carefree Summer on his Debut Single “Lucky”

Zam Captures the Feeling of a Carefree Summer on his Debut Single “Lucky”

“Lucky” by Zam captures a bubbly, easy going summer feel in his debut single as a solo artist.

The man behind Zam is Sam Woodbury. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Los Angeles. You might have heard his work before, since he’s played with a variety of groups, including Vance Joy, Amy Shark, Calum Scott, and Tank and the Bangas. Now, with “Lucky”, he’s stepping out on his own.

The song jumps right in with a strong beat and Zam’s voice. He sings high, his voice floating and breathy. The beat is easy going, a steady sway that exudes a relaxed vibe. Zam creates a lush sonic pool, and the whole song feels like you’re bobbing in the water on a hot day. This track screams chilling in the summer (or, more appropriately, gently shouts it in a friendly way). Some little guitar licks emerge and fade and some light percussion slips in at the end, but most of the song is a steady bass line and beat. The music grooves along as Zam’s voice does all the traveling. It weaves up and down smoothly, showing a few different textures, but returning to that mild high voice he starts the song with.

 “Oh it’s so easy coming home at night/When I see the light on in your room/Oh it’s so easy we just live this life/Let the worries ignite the moon,” goes the second verse, and sums up the song well. It’s a happy, poppy song about love and how easy it can be when you’re with the right person. It’s about luck, hence “I’m lucky” popping up in each chorus. It’s nice to find a simple, low key song about enjoying life.

You know that feeling when you’re driving down the road in the summer with the windows down, maybe a sunroof open? You’re swaying back and forth while trying not to steer all over the place. “Lucky” is the perfect soundtrack for those moments when you’re not rushing to be anywhere. You’re just cruising along, enjoying the ride. If those beer commercials about people hanging on the beach were looking for a song to appeal to indie people, this would be a pretty good choice.

Zam’s single “Lucky” is a great song if you love some easy going, grooving summer music. With simple instrumentation and a solid vocal style, Zam’s captured a relaxed summer feeling that’s perfect for bobbing your shoulders and dancing in the sun. 

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