Tunesday Adds: The Weather Station, Raissa & More

Tunesday Adds: The Weather Station, Raissa & More

Every week, RPM updates Tunesday, our new global music playlist. Check out this week’s adds below!

As the world anxiously awaits results in the U.S. election, we’ve got some songs to help calm your nerves. Starting some couple Canadians: “Robber” is a spooky, affecting new track from Ontario folk artist The Weather Station, while Toronto indie pop outfit Babygirl brings us the irresistably catchy “Easy.” And going west, we’ve got a track from Mise En Scene‘s sparkling new release, Winnipeg, California.

From the U.S., we’ve got Puerto Rican-Californian group The Marías and their calming single “We’re the Lucky Ones.” Similarly soothing is the latest collaboration from a couple of Asia’s indie all stars: South Korea’s So!YoON! and Thailand-via-New Zealand’s Phum Viphurit. But if you want to dance your nerves away, we’ve also got ones from Dominican superstar El Alfa and Nigerian favorite Burna Boy–which, in our opinion, pair nicely with the latest release from London’s Raissa.

If you just want to lie on the floor and zone out, try “We Are Really Worried About You” from Australian anti-colonial doom metal outfit Divide and Dissolve. Or if you just feel like crying, maybe have it out to “Cry Baby” by Danish upstart Emi Wes.

Everyone copes in their own way, so find what works for you. Good luck (and go Joe).

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