Tunesday Adds: San Cisco, Best Youth & More

Tunesday Adds: San Cisco, Best Youth & More

Every week, RPM updates Tunesday, our new global music playlist. Check out this week’s adds below!

This week’s musical tour around the globe starts off in Montreal, with tracks from two of Quebec’s best indie rock bands, Le Couleur and Plants and Animals. The city that gave us Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Grimes and dozens of others just keeps on giving! Then it’s down to Bogotá for Colombian rock duo Diamante Eléctrico and their new song “Los Chicos Sí Lloran,” whose lyrics question traditional gender expectations–something we’re always here for.

Then it’s over to Australia as Perth favorites San Cisco have just released their new album Between You & Me, which is filled to the brim with bops, but few better than “Messages.” Any time drummer Scarlett Stevens gets to shine on vocals is a good time, in our opinion.

Moving on to Europe, we’ve got a collaboration between Maltese artists Bark Bark Disco and JOON, as well as the new track from Porto, Portugal veterans Best Youth. Then there’s new ones from London duo Bear’s Den and Norwegian folk pop artist Ane Brun.

If you’re a fan of post-rock, we’ve got one of the latest from Indian post-rock stars Aswekeepsearching, who are one of our favorite recent finds. And to tie it all together, we go Stateside to Memphis hip hop crew AG Club, and “Memphis, Pt. 2,” a continuing ode to their hometown featuring A$AP Ferg. Hope you enjoy!

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