The Mañanas Rack Up the Retro on “Time Slot”

The Mañanas Rack Up the Retro on “Time Slot”

On their second single, Denver-based alt-rock duo The Mañanas couple retro aesthetics and cinematographic nostalgia on “Time Slot” and its accompanying video.

“Find yourself another fool/ I’m begging you please don’t lead me on”, The Mañanas frontman Brandon Upingco sings in an uptempo plea for clarity and authenticity in a relationship. The track, entitled “Time Slot”, was released on July 17th by the Denver-based alternative rock group consisting of Upingco, who also plays guitar, and producer and bassist Danny Pauta. Joining forces just a year ago and recently breaking their first milestone of 1k streams on Spotify, the POC duo are swinging immediately into action, releasing their first two singles in just the last four months (the first of two, “Patiently”, was released in early April).

Despite their inland origins, The Mañanas’ sound is blaringly coastal, with summer aesthetics intertwining elements of lo-fi surf, garage, and psychedelic rock. Upingco’s brusque vocals are uniquely laid over twangy acoustic guitar on “Time Slot” – fit to be heard in the front seat of a vintage convertible headed down Sunset Boulevard. This air of nostalgia is carried through the accompanying visual, which doubles as the debut music video for the group. Images of Hawaiian shirts, circle shades, cigarettes, and cheap red wine paint vignettes of warmth and reminiscence beneath dusty film filters and Wes Anderson inspired color palettes.

“I’ve read a book or two do you feel that your words are better
What you say is better now
A sculptured mess I wanna settle
But we need more meddling, need more for ten to mount
To anything you want my hands to take what’s yours and not what’s mine
But in action I guess that’s fine.”

Upingco cites Bob Dylan as a lyrical influence on this track – which is evident in verses marrying the simplicity of story-telling with the abstractness of conceptualism. Contrasting this retro-rock are Pauta’s production influences, which are embedded in early 2000’s pop-rock to the likes of The Strokes and Outkast. They forge a nuanced convergence of modernity and archetype, lo-fi and hi-fi.

“Time Slot” is available on all streaming platforms via Soundbreaker Records, an indie label based out of Cuenca, Ecuador. The group has hinted an EP in the works via Instagram, slated for release later this year – until then, check out their debut music video below!

The Mañanas - Time Slot (Official Video)

Photo Credit: Alyssa Pabers
Music Video Filmed By: Alyssa Pabers
Music Video Edited By: Martín Altamirano

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