RPM Presents: Tunesday, 5/14/19

RPM Presents: Tunesday, 5/14/19



Another fun week for RPM’s writing team as they curate the next installment for Tunesday! Check out what we’ve been grooving to this week:


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“Age of Consent” by Geographer

Geographer - Age of Consent (New Order Cover)

“This take on a tune originally by New Order sounds like a Spring time coming-of-age soundtrack. It makes me want to ride my bike with a pack of friends through the neighborhood trails, where we’d wind up playing Truth-or-Dare and spin the bottle until we heard the howls of our parents calling us in for the night. There’s a sonic of innocence that keeps you grounded.” -- Allie


“There Goes Our Love Again” by White Lies

White Lies - There Goes Our Love Again

“Last Tuesday, I saw White Lies and now I can’t stop listening to them.  A song about the same repetitive excuses in a relationship while stuck on the dance floor.” -- Yisel


“Perfect Game (ArtFluids Alice in Wonderland Remix)” by Computer Magic

Perfect Game (ArtFluids Alice in Wonderland Remix)

“Danielle Johnson of Computer Magic gave the stems to ArtFluids to remix, and they delivered a dreamy bop, which scores like a romantic sci-fi between two androids playing a “Perfect Game.” -- Jay


“Bambina” by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend - Bambina (Official Audio)

“One of my favorites off the new record, it sounds like a piece of cardboard slapping against bicycle spokes. It’s short, but there’s no waste--just a catchy song that manages to fit in a compelling narrative.” -- Willie


“Encoder” by Pendulum

Pendulum - Encoder

“Disbanded Australian drum and bass band, now known as the electronic duo Knife Party, this is a throwback to the talented boys at Pendulum. “Encoder” is an epic juxtaposition of a tune, and the second half is definitely running playlist worthy.” -- Jay


“I Like America & America Likes Me” by The 1975

The 1975 - I Like America & America Likes Me

“There’s an inevitable 3-4 day mental recovery that occurs after every big concert I take in. The 1975 left me in a daze last Tuesday in Minneapolis, and this tune in particular really struck a new nerve after experiencing it live. There is so much pent up desperation within their new album, and watching it unfold on stage was beautiful and gut wrenching. So much passion, so much frustration, but never failing to feel the hope.” -- Allie


“Towards the Sunlight” by Kim Jung Mi

Kim Jung Mi - Towards The Sunlight 寝丛

“Some of the warmest, sunniest folk I’ve ever heard. Perfect for cloud watching, and what a blessed hook.” -- Willie


“A Lot’s Gonna Change” by Weyes Blood

A Lot's Gonna Change

“I love the ethereal sound of Weyes Blood’s new album. This opening song speaks to my soul.” -- Larissa


“Money” by The Drums

“Oldie but goodie. I’ve been needing the familiarity for comfort and for improvised yet well-choreographed solo bedroom dancing.” -- Larissa


“Peace” by Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland - Peace

“My favorite purveyor of fine EDM bangers is back with what might be her strongest yet. I’m particular regarding what electronic music I like, so for one artist to keep dropping songs that speak to me is so rad.” -- Andrew from Brooklyn


“The Backseat” by Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem - The Backseat

“I’ve been really into a specific type of song lately that I’ve been labeling as “emotive rock with epic elements.” Enter this classic from 2008, which fits that genre to a T. Been fist-pumping my way down the streets to this one all week.” -- Andrew from Brooklyn


“Jenny of Oldstones (Game of Thrones)” by Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine - Jenny Of Oldstones [Official Audio] (Game of Thrones)

“Game of Thrones is coming to an end, and what better person to remind us of the show than the mystical Florence.” -- Yisel


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