RPM Presents: Tunesday 9/3/19

RPM Presents: Tunesday 9/3/19


With the arrival of September and subsequent end of the summer months, there’s a distinct fall flavor in the air--and this week’s Tunesday playlist reflects that. Get your ears around what our RPM staff have been listening to at the start of the month!


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“Teenage Witch” by John Maus

John Maus - Teenage Witch (Official Video)

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about witches. Was it a dream I had? Maybe. Was it the realization that Halloween is nearing? Perhaps. Was it my dad telling me about the Burn, Witch, Burn silent film adaptation he and his friends made as kids? Yes, it was that.” -- Willie


“St. Elmo’s Fire” by Brian Eno

St Elmo's Fire (2004 Digital Remaster)

“I was looking over old playlists I made, and I remembered how this was the first song I became emotionally attached to that was all mine. I knew for myself that it was the most wonderful song in the world and that made me happy. The Robert Fripp guitar solo sounds extraterrestrial!” -- Willie


“Cry, Pt. II” by Lunch Duchess

“The title track from Lunch Duchess’ debut album has been stuck in my head for weeks, and it’s one that I still keep on repeat. Equal parts catchy and painfully relatable, it’s a bop you can spin at a party, or alongside a tub of ice cream and a party of one.” -- Colleen


“Let Go of the Past” by The Tuts

The Tuts - Let Go of the Past (Official Video)

“The Tuts are the essence of punk rock. This all female British group is part of my daily soundtrack.” -- David


“Brave II” by Sumo Cyco

SUMO CYCO - 5. Brave II - Full Song - Opus Mar Album

“She was known as Skye Sweetnam with hits like “Billy S.” and “Tangled Up In Me”, until Skye rebranded herself with harder and thrashy rock with her current band Sumo Cyco.” -- Jay


“HyperParadise (Flume Remix)” by Hermitude

Hermitude - HyperParadise (Flume Remix)

“Been diving into the annals of Aussie electronic music this week, and this gem from 2012 is the cream of the crop. A then-unknown Harley Streten remixed a newly released track from the duo Hermitude, and thus, the legend of Flume was born.” -- Andrew


“Sailing the Solar Flares” by Dirtwire

dirtwire - Sailing the solar Flares

“This past weekend I had the chance to attend the Shangrila Music Festival in Geneva, Minnesota. Dirtwire headlined night one with an electrifying performance. Bringing unheard of instruments to the stage and painting our musical sight-lines with novelty and excitement, Dirtwire definitely brought their game.” -- Allie


“Bam Bam” by Sister Nancy

Bam Bam - Sister Nancy
“This bouncy reggae tune is perfect for any warm summer day. Especially if you’re in an ‘altered’ state of mind.” -- David


“Zoutelande -- feat. Geike” by BLØF

BLØF - Zoutelande ft. Geike Arnaert (Official Video)

“I’ve been getting super into this Dutch song lately, perhaps as a result of playing as FC Twente a lot in FIFA 07. Still, it’s an emotive rock song about an area on the country’s coast that’s intimately tied to the place whence it came. -- Andrew


“It’s a Hit” by Rilo Kiley

It's a Hit by Rilo Kiley

“One of the great joys of my twenties has been finally discovering Rilo Kiley, and 2005’s “More Adventurous” was a great place to start. Jenny Lewis writes lyrics so sharp that she’s practically given me whiplash from all the double takes I’ve done while listening to this album.” -- Colleen


“This Is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson

MARILYN MANSON :: This Is Halloween

“In Minnesota, it’s finally time to start pulling out the sweaters again. To be completely honest, I hate the cold weather. That being said, the cold means one important thing: my favorite holiday, Halloween, is approaching.” -- Becca


“Never Fight A Man With A Perm” by IDLES


“IDLES refused to call themselves punk rock, nor do they accept any other label. Whatever they are, I’m a fan.” -- Becca


“Dance Hall Days” by Wang Chung

Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days

“The guitar tones in this song sound like rainbow sorbet to me. It’s a lighthearted, pastel ’80s jam that makes you want to sway left and right -- a perfect way to round out a Tunesday playlist.” -- Allie


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