RPM Presents: Tunesday 9/24/19

RPM Presents: Tunesday 9/24/19



The changing colors and climate of Fall settling in fosters a perfect environment for all those music enthusiasts that love to match their listening environment with their physical environment. A time to pull on a warm sweater and jam to a few familiar and comfy tunes, as well as find new grooves to cozy up to. This weeks Tunesday has you covered: 


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“Hurricane” by Faker

Faker - Hurricane (Official Video)

“This song is stupid good. I never fail to rock out to it whenever it comes on. If you haven’t gotten around to this Aussie rock band of the mid 2000s, I highly recommend it.” – Andrew


“Wonder” by San Mei

San Mei — Wonder (Official Video)

“Sweet alternative riffs with a dreamy feel are good vibes to belong to, and that’s what Australia’s San Mei gave us with her release of “Wonder”. They’re just as effective live in achieving these elevated moods, too. Full length soon I hope.” – Jay


“Chicago” by DJ Rashad

DJ Rashad - Chicago

“An infectious song from DJ Rashad. Been thinking about the city of Chicago lately, and what can I say but “Chicago, Chicago. Euh. Chicago, Chicago. Euh.” – Willie


“Change Your Mind” by Nectar

Nectar - Change Your Mind @ The ER

“Nectar are from Illinois, but I caught them a few months ago when they played at the Seward Cafe in Minneapolis. Each of their songs is like a beautifully packaged candy, full of crunchy riffs and gooey lyrics to stick to your teeth.” – Colleen


“A Phone Call In Amsterdam” by Valley

Valley - A Phone Call In Amsterdam

“Every once in awhile a song comes along that strikes that chord in your subjective musical mind and brings back flooding memories of other tunes and other times. It’s funny how periods of time and experiences can be imprinted with a specific sound, or particular song. Many of my favorite tunes have a similar, almost indescribable quality. It’s fun when the Universe brings that sound back into your space.” – Allie


“A Requiem in Our Time: Hymnus” by Einojuhani Rautavaara

Einojuhani Rautavaara: A Requiem in Our Time

“From the man who brought you “Concerto for Birds and Orchestra,” it’s an astonishing piece of music for brass. I heard this kick off the Minnesota Orchestra’s season opener this weekend and it absolutely blew me away! I suppose we can count on Osmo Vänskä and company for niche Finnish programming.” – Willie


“Spirit FM” by Bad Moves

Bad Moves - Spirit FM (Official Video)

“D.C. band Bad Moves recently celebrated the one year anniversary of their debut album Tell No One. Bad Moves have become my go-to musical pick-me-up. Their songs are concentrated bursts of furiously happy music and can lift me out of a funk without fail.” – Colleen


“Hit the Ground (Superman)” by The Big Pink

The Big Pink - Hit The Ground (Superman)

“Was at Reckless Records this weekend, and my friend pointed out their album. I love Big Pink, and looking back, that was a crazy tour – so their sound has a special place with me. From hits like “Dominos” to “Velvet”, there are some glistening gems in their discography, and “Hit The Ground” is a super catchy bop. It’s n interesting start to the track, but The Big Pink delivers.” – Jay


“Hood Gone Love It (feat. Kendrick Lamar)” by Jay Rock

Jay Rock ft. Kendrick Lamar - Hood Gone Love It

“I really hope that this gem of 2010s hip hop doesn’t get lost among the Bad and Boujees of the world, because Jay Rock deserves to have his name up there with some of the best U.S. rappers of thee decade.” – Andrew


“Talking Straight” by Rolling Blackouts Coastal

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Talking Straight [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“My favorite band, the Paper Kites, have a song “Revelator Eyes” that has this undeniable bass line that drives with power. This song has a similar bass rhythm that perked my ears upon the first listen.” – Allie 


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