RPM Presents: Tunesday 8/6/19

RPM Presents: Tunesday 8/6/19



Where else could you find Tool, Janelle Monáe, and an anonymous psych band rumored to be The Beatles all in the same place but RPM’s Tunesday playlist? For this week’s collection, eclectic is an understatement:

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“Painted By Numbers” by The Sounds

The Sounds - Painted By Numbers
“I’ve been really getting into The Sounds’ 2006 record Dying to Say This to You, and this is my favorite one off the record. Man, the Swedes really know how to craft a pop song, don’t they?” -- Andrew

“I Fought the Law” by The Bobby Fuller Four

The Bobby Fuller - Four I Fought The Law 1966

“While the famous version of this song may be performed by The Clash I think it’s important to always be familiar with the original.  This 1965 classic is also the name of the second and final studio album by the short lived Bobby Fuller Four.” -- David


“Get Lost” by Queen of Jeans

"Get Lost" by Queen of Jeans (official music video)

“This song builds slowly, then hits you all at once. Reverb-heavy guitars provide a dreamy but driving vibe, and give me goosebumps every time.” -- Colleen


Neopet Graveyard” by Gully Boys

Neopet Graveyard - Gully Boys [Official Music Video]

“Gully Boys just released a music video for this song, reminding me once again how much I love its head-banging half-time chorus and raw vocals. (Plus, an early 2000’s Internet reference never hurts).” -- Colleen


“Electric Lady” by Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monae- Electric Lady (Feat.Solange)

I’m working at a Girls Rock camp this summer, and teaching “Electric Lady” to elementary school kids has made me love this song more than I even thought possible. Janelle Monáe is one for the ages, and this song is a timeless ode to all the girls who ain’t afraid to get down.” -- Colleen


“Enamorada de Ti” by Selena

SELENA,1992,"enamorada de ti".

“I’ve been on a Selena kick and this one sticks out for being a real club classic on top of being a showcase for her voice. The high strings in the chorus really make it. Really just more proof that she’s the best!” -- Willie


“Yes I’m Changing” by Tame Impala

“I had the opportunity to work with the Tame Impala crew this week, so Kevin Parker’s musical mastery has been playing violently in my mind. The light design of the production was intense and unexpected. I actually felt like I was at an Armin Van Buuren set with all the lasers and trippy displays.” -- Allie


“Never Let You Go” by Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind - Never Let You Go (Official Music Video)

“This is definitely one of those childhood tunes with that happy-go-lucky feel. It leaves me feeling contempt and comforted by familiar sounds.” -- Allie


“Time To Pretend” by MGMT

“This is a song that always brings me joy when I hear it.” -- Becca

“Ænema” by Tool

“On behalf of people I (shamefully) call my closest friends, now that Tool is on Spotify, I have to add the one Tool song to this list that I recognize.” -- Becca

“Diggin’ On You” by TLC

“So obviously it’s CrazySexyCool, but can you think of any recent pop hit bold enough to use a synth horn sliding very, very slowly? It’s a picture perfect slow jam with some bonus wild jazz changes.” -- Willie


“The Light That Is Felt” by William Sharp and Steven Blier

The Light that is Felt

“You really can’t be more ‘American Art Song’ than this. Charles Ives wrote it in 1905 based on a poem by known Quaker John Greenleaf Whittier. The line “paused on the dark stair timidly” is sung tenderly by William Sharp, who I think is a perfect interpreter of Ives. You can’t be too hokey but you have to be a little stilted. This song gives me such a sense of absolute stillness, the way the piano falls stepwise and then reaches upward in little surges. It might be my new favorite Charles Ives song.” -- Willie


“To All My Friends” by Atmosphere

Atmosphere - To All My Friends

“If I had a way to summarize the past couple months of my life in under 4 minutes, it would be this song.” -- Becca


“Wise Up! Sucker” by Pop Will Eat Itself

“Clint Mansell’s incomparably unique project from the late ’80s and early ’90s have a shockingly deep discography, but this song stands alone at the top. I always feel powerful when I listen to this one.” -- Andrew


“Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft” by Klaatu

Klaatu- Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft

“This song is the first track on the album 3:47 EST by Klaatu released in 1976.  This album was the center of a conspiracy theory that suggested it was actually the Beatles reunited.  The psychedelic nature of the music was reminiscent of their sound and the fact that there were no credits printed anywhere on the album allowed little room for dispute.  Later the band was found out to be a group of Canadian musicians.” -- David


“There She Goes” by The La’s

The La's There she goes

“I must be having a 90s era week, because I have been feeling my throwback soft-rock tunes really hard. Sonically this track is feathery and allows me to float in all the lyrical moments.” -- Allie


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