RPM Presents: Tunesday 7/9/19



Every week the RPM team curates a playlist of a few tunes that have been floating in their musical atmospheres. This week we’ve got alternative punk rock throwbacks, modern indie rock, and a little bit of Bowie! RPM Presents: Tunesday: 


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“Thieves in the Night” by Hot Chip

Hot Chip - Thieves in the Night [HD]

“There’s something so campy and epic about this song that really speaks to me. Then again, Hot Chip often finds a way to speak to me.” – Andrew


“Pain” by The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs - Pain [Official Video]

After a moment of crisis, it’s time to grab your headphones, get on a bus or train and play this song.” – Yisel


“Monday Monday Monday” by Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara - Monday Monday Monday [Official Music Video]

“It was 2002, and Last.fm was the popular music website to share your playlist. My pal had his page loaded and this song came up. I remember thinking how blissful and catchy this jam was, and also surprised they weren’t that well-known. That changed over time.” – Jay


“You Are Going to Hate This” by The Frights

The Frights - You Are Going to Hate This (Official Audio)

“When The Frights were working on the album FIDLAR’s, Zac Carper told them that their fans were going to hate their new music. This song was made in response.” – Becca


“24 Hours” by The Sounds

The Sounds - 24 Hours

“A stranger at a party let me crash on their couch the following morning, and this song was blasting out of a pair of gigantic cabinet speakers. I wasn’t feeling 100% and was in dire need of sleep, but this tune kept me up in a good way, despite being up for a very long time. I had to memorize some of the lyrics to search for it later, because you know, smartphones didn’t exist yet. When I found out it was called “24 Hours”. I was like ” touché.” – Jay


“An End Has a Start” by Editors

Editors - An End Has A Start

“A great title track to a great new wave inspired rock album from 2007. If you like Interpol or The Killers, you’ll like this.” – Andrew


“Right” by David Bowie

“I wanted to listen to Young Americans on the Fourth of July, so I did, and I rediscovered how good this one is. I think it’s safely the most explicit Bowie song (his grunts alone have a great power).” – Willie


“Birds Of May” by Bill MacKay

“I want to get a plug in for Bill MacKay here, so here’s a standout from his new album. It’s got an old-school folk sound.” – Willie


” I Miss That Feeling” by Tennis

Tennis - I Miss That Feeling (Official Video)

“Fall in love with couple Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, who spent eight months in a sailboat before forming Tennis.” – Yisel


“1985” by Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup - 1985 (Official Video)

“I recently got the chance to see one of the bands on my bucket list, Bowling For Soup. They didn’t disappoint, and now you can all have this song stuck in your head like I’ve had for years” – Becca


“Addicted” by Simple Plan

Simple Plan - Addicted (Official Video)

“What a classic Junior High throw back. These are the tunes that you played music videos in your head to while riding on the school bus.” –   Allie


“Dust to Dust” by The Civil Wars”

The Civil Wars - Dust to Dust (Official Video)

“Such a bummer that these two aren’t making music together any longer, because their musical chemistry was indescribable. The complimenting texture of their vocals mixed with the folk influences make for dark, romantic sounds that make you want to fall in love.” – Allie


“People Make the World Go Round” by The Stylistics

The Stylistics - People Make The World Go Round

“Heard a smooth jazz version of this in the bathroom at work and was a little surprised. I suggest the original.” – Willie


“Heartbeats” by José González

Heartbeats - José González

“A brilliant cover of The Knife’s electronic hit. José González performs an acoustic masterpiece that sets a reclusive tone with a touch of tranquility.” – Jay


“Goddess Gang” by Sa-Roc

Sa-Roc - Goddess Gang (Official Video)

“While this song isn’t catered for me, I love the message of black female empowerment.” – Becca


“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” by Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas

“It truly is never too early to ring in the Christmas Spirit.” – Allie


“Never Be Mine” by Angel Olsen

“A song for uncorresponded love. Turn the volume up and say bye to that person.” – Yisel


“Do Your Thing” by Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing ( Official Video 2001 ) Rooty

“You’ve heard this one before, be it in a commercial or at a lawn party. From their iconic 2001 album Rooty, this is one that makes Basement Jaxx’s work a household name, even if they themselves aren’t.” – Andrew


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