RPM Presents: Tunesday 7/30/19

RPM Presents: Tunesday 7/30/19



This week’s Tunesday playlist may just be one of our best and most diverse to date. Get ready to feast on RPM’s musical potpourri:

“Stanley Park” by Aoife O’Donavan

Aoife O'Donovan - Stanley Park (Recording with Berklee Instant Strings)

“In the Magic Hour is a new find for me and definitely a summer album. I listened to this one while walking past an empty Allianz Field in a drizzle. It seems more suited for the sun, but any weather is fine.” – Willie


“Fault Line” by Jack River

Jack River - Fault Line (Official Video)

“Her entire Sugar Mountain debut record is candy coated pop perfection, but this song adds an extra crunch. Plus, in the video she plays a racecar driver. I like racecars, they’re fun.” – Andrew


“Птица” by Auktyon

Гарик Сукачев - Птица (Official Video)

“A kind of crazy song from Russia. You imagine a wide-eyed, sleep-deprived singer. It’s surprisingly carried by the rhythm despite it being an alternative rock band.” – Willie


“This Year” by Hurricane Bells

Hurricane Bells - "This Year" Music Video

“My friend turned me on to this song as we drove through her rural Missouri hometown in 2014, and I recently rediscovered it. I love the way it builds and the feeling of hope it inspires in the listener” – Andrew


“Set The Fire To The Third Bar” by Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright

Snow Patrol - Set The Fire To The Third Bar ft. Martha Wainwright

“Martha Wainwright’s vocals adds that extra element to this somber track, and probably making it one of the more unique songs from their forth studio album.” – Jay


“Things That Are Bad For Me (Part II)” Colleen Green

Colleen Green - Things That Are Bad For Me (Part 2)

“A brutally honest and emo song from Colleen Green, that dares to venture in the moments where you ignore that voice in your head giving you a moral compass. She tacks on  a sick solo in the end, too.” – Jay


“Hello” by Sugarbomb

“I’ve played this feel good song many times, not as heavy as their other tracks, but it still rocks.” – Jay


“Science Is Golden” by The Grates

The Grates - Science is Golden

“The Grates are one of the funnest, kookiest bands ever, and their 2006 debut Gravity Won’t Get You High established their trademark style. Leading the charge is this whimsical number which always puts me in a good mood.” – Andrew


“Dan Té Dinyé La” by Nahawa Doumbia

Na Hawa Doumbia — Dan Te Dinye La

“Music from southern Mali. I’ve been listening to her a lot recently, this one from 1983. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be felt in two beats or four, but I do like that groove!” – Willie


“Something More” by j ember

j ember - something more

“I recently had this song come up in a playlist and it gave me chills. I love the flow of their voice. I’m excited to see what else will come out of J Ember’s music in the future.” – Becca


“Michigan” by The Milk Carton Kids

The Milk Carton Kids - Michigan

“I learned this tune on guitar about four years ago, and it’s one that I turn to when I am having a blue day, and need to feel my emotions. The line “when she calls don’t send her my way” grips me.” – Allie


“Play House” – Skating Polly

Skating Polly - Play House - (Official Video)

“When Skating Polly is in town, I will drop everything and cancel all of my plans, just to see them live.” – Becca


“Final Boss” by Doomtree

DOOMTREE "Final Boss" (Official Music Video)

“Doomtree is a staple of the Minnesota music scene. Since it just started off as a group of friends messing around after school, their chemistry is amazing. Out of all of their songs, this is one of my favorites.” – Becca


“Nausea In Paradise” by Plastic Picnic

Plastic Picnic - Nausea in Paradise | Sofar NYC

“This New York-based band caught my attention with their song “Doubt”, which lead me to peruse the remainder of their discography. This was the runner-up from my album favorites. Something about the melody when the chorus sings “Nausea in Paradise” makes me want to nod my head amidst fellow head nodders at their live gig.” – Allie


“Love Is Mystical” by Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids - Love Is Mystical

“My roommate and I have been spending late evenings in our kitchen working on creative projects, and the album “LA DIVINE” has been a consistent contender within our music selections. I don’t know this tune particularly well, but the Cold War Kids never disappoint with tracks for easy listening.” – Allie


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