RPM Presents: Tunesday 2/11/20

RPM Presents: Tunesday 2/11/20


Without a song perfectly out of place, it’s the little things on this playlist that make it come together. 

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“Perfectly Out of Place” by Dreams We’ve Had

Dreams We've Had - Perfectly Out of Place

“After just one month, this Minneapolis native band has reached 1.4million Spotify streams for this newly released track. How exciting it must be to receive such large traction and positive response. At just 21 years old, frontman Bennett Blumberg is just getting started. Looking forward to booking the band in for an RPM Radar interview this Month!” -Allie

“Little Things (ft. Angela McCluskey)” by Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic - The Little Things ft. Angela McCluskey (Official Lyric Video)

“This song never fails me to put me in a good mood. A text from your crush, a cute dog you pass on your way to work, seeing the sun after a dark and cloudy month… sometimes it truly is the little things in life that make your day.” -Becca

“Higher” by The Naked And Famous

The Naked and Famous - Higher | Sofar NYC

“Melodic, uplifting, and just a feel good tune. The sounds designed for this synths sit really well.” -Jay

“You Say You Love Me” by H. Hawkline

You Say You Love Me

“One of the prides of Prestatyn, Wales (along with ’90s band World Party) is H. Hawkline, a witty singer-songwriter whose lyrics cut right to the bone.” -Andrew

“Dinner” by Kacy Hill

Kacy Hill - Dinner (Official Video)

“This song was a pleasant surprise. It dropped into my atmosphere last Monday and I cant get the melody of the verses out of my head. There’s a neat production element involving heavy distortion on the vocals of the verses. Listen attentively and see if you can spot it!” -Allie

“На Титанике” by Лолита

Лолита - На Титанике

“This song speaks of giving up on the dependence of other people, or even the universe, to get you what you want. According to the song, it’s the last day the Titanic, and the only one you should depend on is yourself. I think it’s a message we all need to hear.” -Becca

“Here Is Gone” by The Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls - Here Is Gone [Official Music Video]

“A throwback jam by Johnny Rzeznik’s band from Buffalo. They’ve got a great discography, no fillers. “Here is Gone” resurrects some distant memories from when I saw them at Nikon Jones Beach over a decade ago, as it was the one song they didn’t play, which we all wanted so badly.” -Jay

“Do You Ever Glow?” by Green Buzzard

Green Buzzard - Do You Ever Glow? (Official Video)

“This song is what sun feels like to me, and it’s getting me through a gray and dreary February.” -Andrew

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