RPM Presents: Tunesday 12/17/19

RPM Presents: Tunesday 12/17/19



The year might be coming to a close, but the Tunesday playlists are still coming on strong. Sink your teeth into one of the final three RPM Tunesdays of the decade, we promise you won’t be disappointed:


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“Heels Over Head” by Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls - Heels Over Head

“Throwing it back this week to the awkward ages of adolescence, and one of the bands that coddled my teenage angst. The guitar rhythm in the chorus almost sounds like it should be the verse rhythm, but the variation works so well!” – Allie


“Hang With Me” by Robyn

Robyn - Hang with Me

“Not sure how many times I’ve heard this in my life, but I never really listened to a lot of Robyn until recently with all of the decade-end lists. I’m sad it’s taken this long!” – Willie


“Lone Digger” by Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace - Lone Digger

“This is a song that I guess everyone else but me knew about before last week, but now that it’s in my life I can’t get it out of my head.” – Andrew


“Another Brick in the Wall pt.2” – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall, Part Two (Official Music Video)

“Such a badass tune. Enough said.” – Allie


“If We Were Vampires” by Jason Isbel and the 400 Unit

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - If We Were Vampires

“I’m trying to listen to more modern country, because there are some gems to be found in there. Case in point: this song from the pride of Green Hill, Alabama.” – Andrew


“Sleepwalk” by Santo & Johnny

Santo & Johnny "Sleep Walk"

“Toeing the line into becoming “Lonelyville,”  “Sleepwalk” is a strange and dreamlike instrumental. Also this year is used throughout Scorsese’s The Irishman.” – David


“The Offering” by Copyslut

“This song was first described to me as “Broadway musical meets hard rock concert”, which were two of my favorite genres growing up. At first, I was skeptical, but as I listened, I was blown away by it. I’m excited to see what Copyslut has coming next, and even found myself peeking to see if she was touring by me.” – Becca


“It’s Gonna Work Out” by Yukihiro Takahashi

Yukihiro Takahashi - It's Gonna Work Out

“Just gotta keep saying it, right? Plus, I was browsing his Twitter the other day and it looks like he’s doing well.”  – Willie


“Dark Days” by PUP

PUP - DARK DAYS (Official Video)

“I’ve been recently itching for some new music. This song randomly came up on a youtube shuffle and it felt like my search had finally been fulfilled. I love PUP’s style and now have been listening to their music nonstop.” – Becca


“Breaks Me Down” by Stars and Crosses

“The culmination of gazing sounds and a bass that punches in this track from a very underrated band, Stars and Crosses, gets me buzzing. Outside of a few TV placements, I wish they had more albums. ” – Jay


“Don’t Blow it, Kage” by Tenacious D

Tenacious D - Don't Blow It, Kage (Lyrics)

“Recorded at Jack White’s home in Nashville, I find it hilarious that The D would perform a song about just that situation.” – David


“Young Blood – Renholdër Remix” by The Naked and Famous

Young Blood (Renholdër Remix)

“What I love about a good remix is when the track sounds entirely different from the original, and that’s exactly what Renholdër (Danny Lohner from Nine Inch Nails) accomplishes with “Young Blood.” Enjoy this dark and minor spin.” – Jay


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