RPM Presents: Tunesday 11/5/19

RPM Presents: Tunesday 11/5/19



This week’s Tunesday takes you for a trek around the globe. Get your ears around what RPM’s staff have been listening to lately:


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“The Shout” by Art Tatum

Art Tatum plays The Shout (1934)

“I’m currently working through the chronological collection of Art Tatum music I’ve had on my hard drive for six years or so. It was always very daunting when I would scroll past it, but I’m glad I’m taking the time now. Most tracks are repeated again and again in a number of versions, and making sense of solo, unimprovised piano seems doable over some stretch of time. This self-composed piece makes a particular point to show off his blazing speed. It’s over in the blink of an eye!” – Willie


“Ordinary Pleasure” by Toro y Moi

Toro y Moi - "Ordinary Pleasure" (official music video)

“I love a good surprise moment in a song, and this one starts us off with one early. The joyful bongos are soon accompanied by a killer bass groove that collides with your hips and keeps them moving. It feels so good to lose yourself to dance. Liberating, funky, and fun.” -Allie


“Little Things” by Allie X

Allie X – Little Things (Official Lyric Video)
“Forgot about this jam until I recently heard it while shopping at a Footlocker. Big sound, big pop, and her catchy vocal melodies will lift your mood and get you energized with “Little Things.” – Jay


“Son of a Lovin’ Man” by Buchanan Brothers

Son of a Lovin' Man

“Have you ever done the twist alone in your home? Yeah, this song is that for me. Well, maybe after a few…” – Dave


“Games” by Reptile Room

Reptile Room - Games (Official Video)

“One of their latest releases, “Games” blends a drum and bass with more unique sounding elements, creating an exotic feel to it.” – Jay


“Objects of Desire” by Ninja Sex Party

Objects of Desire - NSP

“I find this song endlessly funny and have a good laugh whenever this pops up on shuffle.” – Dave


“Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade [Official Music Video]
“MCR IS BACK!!! The beloved band have announced their first show since their breakup in 2013, with a tour hopefully soon to follow…cross my heart!” – Andrew


“Me4U” by Danny L Harle

Danny L Harle - Me4U starring Kim Chi

“I was mildly obsessed with this song a few years ago, and it is so drenchingly memorable that it popped up in my head and now I’m listening to it again on repeat. The chorus winds around and around until you can’t remember anything else.” – Willie


“Saria’s Turn Up” by GTA

GTA - Saria's Turn Up
“I recently came across a pair of really nice headphones for practically a steal, just because its packing was messed up. They’re very base heavy, and after exclusively buying cheap skull candy headphones for years, it’s like listening to music in a whole new way. It’s got
me re-listening to all of my old favorites from back in my EDM days.” – Becca


“Имя 505” by Время и Стекло

Время и Стекло - Имя 505

“Growing up in an immigrant family, older Russian music was a large part of my upbringing. It’s the equivalent of growing up listening to only The Beatles (which was the other musical part of my upbringing), so my knowledge of Russian pop culture is almost nonexistent. I recently came across a website that lists the most played music in every country, and that’s how I was introduced to this duo. Their music is very catchy and their videos are always a playground for the eyes. This song in particular talks about loving someone so much that you forget your own name.” – Becca


“Feed” by Charly Bliss

Charly Bliss - Feed

“At the end of October, Charly Bliss surprise dropped a new EP, gifting us all with a handful of new glittery, fuzzy pop songs to sing along to, like the opening bop “Feed.” – Colleen


“El Relàmpago” by Amaia

Amaia - El Relámpago - Live Performance | Vevo

“A couple of my Spanish friends showed me this song during a recent trip there, and oh my god do I love the warm glow it fills me with. Perfect for a gloomy, rainy day.” – Andrew


“I’m On Fire” by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (Official Video)

“The same palm mute technique is used on the guitar of this track, similar to the trick used in Police’s “Every Breath You Take”. I wonder if this is the sonic characteristic that makes these tracks so haunting. Or perhaps the chilling rasp and resonance of the vocals? It feels like midnight blue on a midnight drive, with a deeply rooted darkness and a weak, amber glow illuminating the sky.” – Allie

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