RPM Presents: Tunesday 10/8/19

RPM Presents: Tunesday 10/8/19


This week’s Tunesday playlist tastes of a distinctly indie flavor, as we have a real great mix of both up and coming and classic artists that are a little bit off the mainstream. Will you find your new favorite band? Listen and find out!


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“Where Are You Wild Horses” by The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes - Where Are You Wild Horses (Official Lyric Video)

“The duo has so many good ones it’s hard to chose, but I like that this track blends sorrow and sweet in a beautiful way. A proper listen will ease your soul.”  -Jay


“Take You Back” by Purr

Purr - "Take You Back"

“This New York-based project features Eliza Callahan and Jack Staffen, formerly of Jack + Eliza. “Take You Back,” released just last month, is their best song yet. Equally funky and chill, this beauty is something you’re gonna want to get around. So excited to see what Purr trots out next.” -- Andrew


“Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)

“Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I heard this song on the radio the other day and as soon as I got home I had to pull out my guitar to play it. It’s an old favorite that brings me back to high school, and its lyrics strike an almost impossible balance between charming and existentially gloomy.” -- Colleen


“Fire Escape” by Tall Heights

Bose Better Sound Sessions | “Fire Escape” by Tall Heights

“I’ll be seeing this band open for the Paper Kites in a few weeks, and the anticipation is killing me! This track is one of my faves from their discography. The transition that occurs before each chorus blows my mind. From a producer perspective, I have not yet figured out how they achieved this sound. I’ll make it a personal goal of mine to crack this code!” -- Allie


“River” by Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell - River (Official Audio)

“I’m often skeptical of new Netflix shows, but I started watching the Politician and immediately became hooked. The show is wildly dramatic, absurd and hilarious, and one of its strongpoints is definitely its soundtrack. It’s hard to get through the Politician with a dry eye, especially when Ben Platt performs a heart-wrenching rendition of this Joni Mitchell classic.” -- Colleen


“Celebrations For A Grey Day” by Mimi and Richard Fariña

Celebrations For A Grey Day

“After a long stretch of grey days and many more upcoming, I like to reminded of the opportunity to sing simple sings (or play them on the dulcimer). This song of the album of the same name is peak folk revival--lots of good humor and friendliness.” -- Willie


“Superhuman” by SLANDER, Eric Leva

Slander - Superhuman (feat. Eric Leva) [Monstercat Release]

“I heard this song last weekend at a music festival, while on my boyfriend’s shoulder, looking for our friends, in the rain, on the only day of the festival that we both had off. As soon as this song started, everything stopped and we were both thrown into the moment. It was a beautiful 4ish minutes that I will always cherish.” -- Becca


“Lately” by POLIÇA

POLIÇA - "Lately" (Official Audio)

“Native to Minneapolis, POLICA brings the house down when it comes to synth pop. The layers of this track make you feel like you are in a listening maze, trying to decipher which turns to take, but you end up getting lost in the sonic. Ultimately you have to surrender to the sound, sink into it, and let it take the driver seat of your mind.” -- Allie


“Room 14 (I’m Fine)” by Keep Shelly in Athens

Keep Shelly In Athens - Room 14 (I'm Fine)

“A solace guitar loop meets a drum and bass line alongside an immersive synth. This effective style of Keep Shelly In Athens encapsulates listeners through shimmering vocals and a chill wave experience with “Room 14.” -- Jay


“Own Pattern” by I Jahbar

“An energetic cut off a dub compilation by Duppy Gun Productions. It bends and shivers and almost fall over, I think. The whole release is all over the place and fantastic.” -- Willie


“At Least It Was Here” by The 88

At Least It Was Here - The 88 (Full Community Theme w/ Lyrics)

“The light tone of the song tricks you into humming along. As a fan of community, I’ve heard this song over 110 times, and it seems to fit the tone of the comedic show. It isn’t until you listen to the song that you realize that it is actually pretty dark. I think it’s actually interesting how many people love this song, but never actually paid attention to the lyrics.” -- Becca


“Ouvi Dizer” by Ornatos Violeta

Ornatos Violeta - Ouvi dizer - Nos Alive 2019

“Ornatos Violeta was a band fronted by one of Portugal’s most enigmatic artists, Manel Cruz, around the turn of the millennium. They only released two records, but this track off 1999’s O Mostro Precisa de Amigos stands alone. The track closes on a poem read by Portuguese actor Vítor Espadinha.” -- Andrew

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