RPM Presents: Tunesday 10/29/19

RPM Presents: Tunesday 10/29/19



There is something special about this week’s Tunesday. For any of you playlist creators, you know how good it feels to find that perfect blend of songs that covers all the bases and hits all the right spots. The RPM crew may have hit the nail on the head this week. Check it out!


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“North Star” by Future Islands

Future Islands - North Star (Live on KEXP)

“This has definitely been my find-of-the-week! I’ll give the credit to my co-worker who slipped this band into my Spotify search engine. What I find to be the most intriguing aspect of their sound is the contrast between the vocals and the instrumentation. If I were to listen to the instrumental version of this song, I don’t think I’d be audibly expecting Samuel T. Herring’s voice to complement the track. This dissonance keeps my ears interested.” -- Allie


“Laundry” by Say Hi

Say Hi To Your Mom - Laundry

Slowing it down to a sweet indie rock tune, Say Hi brings its boyish charms in this love struck ballad “Laundry.” -- Jay


“Dieuleul-Dieuleul” by Aby Ngana Diop

Aby Ngana Diop — Dieuleul Dieuleul [Senegal]

“Just rediscovered how much I like this track! She was big in the 80s and 90s in Senegal, and this album is something like hip hop, but not really. Not much sounds like this does.” -- Willie


“Tango Whiskyman (from Deadlock)” by CAN

Tango Whiskyman (from Deadlock)

“CAN’s always good, and though I’ve still never seen any of the films from their Soundtracks album, I do love the songs. Minus the incidental context, the songs are just a lower key version of Can.” -- Willie


“Boys” by Lizzo

Lizzo - Boys (Official Video)

“This is a song that once I get it stuck in my head, it’s stuck there for the whole day.” -- Becca


“Believe It (Cazzette’s Androids Sound Hot Remix)” by Spencer & Hill & Nadia Ali

Spencer & Hill ft Nadia Ali - Believe It (CAZZETTE's Androids Sound Hot Remix) | AT NIGHT

“Feeling bouncy-- and this track from a decade ago infuses just the right amount of punch for a fun EDM tune. Nadia Ali remains one of the most powerful singers in this genre, and her vocals mashed with a progressive synth captures an epic vibe.”  -- Jay 


“Glass House” by Screaming Females

Screaming Females - Glass House (Official Video)

“I can’t say that I go to many shows with moshing, but seeing Screaming Females tear through this song live was incredible (even from outside the pit).” -- Colleen


“Devil You Don’t” by CXLOE

“This Aussie currently based in L.A. is a rising indie pop sensation, with awesome songwriting chops and brooding vocals. This latest gem follows up from “Show You” and “Low Blow,” two other favorites of mine.” -- Andrew


“Wolf” by Big Thief

Big Thief “Wolf”

“The new Big Thief album, Two Hands, is the perfect accompaniment for a crisp, fall walk. Adrianne Lenker’s songwriting captures the magic in everyday scenes, and turns a canopy of orange leaves into a symphony of sound.” -- Colleen


“Skin” by San Cisco

San Cisco - Skin (Audio Version)

“I’ll always feel a special connection to this song as I was in attendance at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis when San Cisco played it live for the first time. Now that it’s finally out in the world, it’s right at the top of my rotation.” -- Andrew


“Self Destructive Anthem” by Days N Daze

Self Destructive Anthem (feat. We The Heathens)

“This song speaks to how we go out of our way to sabotage ourselves. Each verse has something relatable in it.” -- Becca


“Slow Song” by John Vincent III

John Vincent III - Slow Song (Live Session)

“I owe this weekly find to one of my favorite local coffeeshops, Corner Coffee in Uptown! This track came on overhead and with the first vocal line, I was hooked. John Vincent III’s voice is so good! Plain and simple. They must have had his discography on shuffle because I spent the following two hours repeatedly reaching for my Shazam app, only to be reaffirmed that the tune I was loving was coming from the same incredible artist.” -- Allie

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