RPM Presents: Tunesday 10/22/19

RPM Presents: Tunesday 10/22/19



Gems both old and new populate this week’s Tunesday playlist, courtesy of your friends at RPM. Take a gander to find out what our staff have been listening to this week, and perhaps come away with a new favorite of your own:


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“Big Ones” by Ali Barter

Ali Barter - Big Ones [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“The Aussie alt-rock queen just released her sophomore album, Hello, I’m Doing My Best, this past Friday, and this is my favorite single off that record. Ali’s voice and melodies both resonate so strongly with me, as does this song’s video: filmed in an ice cream truck in NYC, I have to believe it’s an homage to one of my favorites, “Today” by Smashing Pumpkins.” – Andrew


“Closest To Me” by Liza Anne

Liza Anne - Closest To Me

“I saw Liza Anne perform this song live recently and while her whole performance blew me away, hearing her sing the lyric “I always hurt the closest ones to me” hit me square in the chest. Her songwriting is tight, her voice powerful, and her lyrics cut to the heart of complicated emotions.” – Colleen


“Another Love – Zwette Edit” by Tom Odell, Zwette

Tom Odell - Another Love (Zwette Edit)

“I owe some of my new musical crushes to my roommate who’s been introducing me to some rad new tunes. This Tom Odell Remix has the perfect percussive intensity to inspire you on a lounge-y Tuesday.” – Allie


“Dead Ringer” by Yoke Lore

“I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Adrian Galvin, also known by his stage name, Yoke Lore to chat about musical evolutions and creative expressions. The newly released single “Dead Ringer” is the perfect one-stop-synth-pop-shop. The atmospheric arpeggiations, tension-building swells, and fancy production frills make this tune my weekly buzz for sure!” – Allie


“J’ai déconné” by KeBlack

KeBlack - J’ai Déconné (Clip Officiel)

“I was recently working a show and the whole pre-show playlist was hip hop and electronic music by black, French artists. Since being introduced to this song at the show, it has been my most played song of the week.” – Becca


“shibuya (feat. San Holo)” by Covet

shibuya (feat. San Holo)

“Yvette Young writes moving chord structures, taps on the guitar faster than should be possible, and does it all with a smile that says, “This isn’t so hard, you could do it too!” (After attempting to learn her guitar part to “shibuya” via a YouTube tutorial I can attest that it is, in fact, quite hard.)” – Colleen


“Nights That Won’t Happen” by Purple Mountains

Nights That Won’t Happen

“I don’t think I’m even able to properly review David Berman’s final record, but I’ve been listening to it a lot lately and all I can say is I don’t want to stop. This track in particular hits me in the gut every time.” – Willie


“Only One” by ILLENIUM, Nina Sung

ILLENIUM - Only One ft. Nina Sung

“He’s on the up and up in the dance realm, and this project with Nina Sung is a beautiful song that further credits rising talent. “Only One” features a very strong vocal presence with a track that only emphasizes the passion. This works wonders, and I’m sure Nina was ecstatic that her song found a home with ILLENIUM for us to appreciate.” – Jay


“Popcorn” by Hot Butter

Hot Butter - Pop Corn (Dance)
“I dare you to not have a good time listening to this.” – Dave


“Transdermal Celebration” by Ween

Ween - Transdermal Celebration

“My friend from Charleston put me on this band years ago, and to this day they are still my jam. Every song Ween puts out is different, and something about the nostalgia of “Transdermal Celebration” sends me into oblivion – an experience I had while seeing them at Riot Fest last month.” – Jay


“Education Of The Girlchild: The Tale” by Meredith Monk, Collin Walcott

Meredith Monk: Excerpt from Solo from Education of the Girlchild (2009)

“As pure vocalists go, very few can compete with Meredith Monk. She’s flexible! She’s adventurous! She’s unapologetic! This is the kind of feel-good music that makes you second guess if it’s actually cheery at all. Just like Laurie Anderson or Elodie Lauten, I’m incredibly glad to be unnerved.” – Willie


“Head Over Heels” by Tears For Fears

Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels (Official Video)

“This absolute classic is just one of the many reasons why Songs from the Big Chair remains one of my most essential pop albums of the 1980s. Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith were truly a dynamic duo--much like TFF superfan Shawn Spencer and his buddy Gus were on Psych.” – Andrew


“Wonderland” by Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace - Wonderland

“This song is dedicated to my parents. My mom was recently introduced to Caravan Palace by the “cool aunt” and she has become a big fan. Cavan Palace ended up having a show at the venue I work at, and not only was it their first time coming to my treasured second home, but I was able to treat them to an unforgettable night.” – Becca


“So Rare” by Jimmy Dorsey

So Rare Jimmy Dorsey
“A great jazz tune. Good for lounging around or being out and about. ” – Dave

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