RPM Presents: Tunesday 1/7/20

RPM Presents: Tunesday 1/7/20


First Tunesday of 2020? Check!

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“Same Jeans” by The View

The View - Same Jeans

“The Scottish band sometimes gets lost in the shuffle with all the great indie rock that came out of the U.K. in the late 2000s, but this track off their Hats Off to the Buskers album deserves more praise.” -Andrew


“Not” by Big Thief

Big Thief - “Not” (Live from The Bunker Studios)

“Game show idea: Adrianne Lenker has an object in a box and must identify it by negation (e.g. “it’s not soft, it’s not seasonal”). Three competing players shout their guesses simultaneously. The first to guess correctly wins a guest feature as “additional voice” on the next Big Thief album.” -Willie


“Make It Better (ft. Smokey Robinson)” by Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak - Make It Better (ft. Smokey Robinson) (Official Video)

“Anderson .Paak my new favorite artist of 2020. This song chronics a rough patch in a relationship to a very upbeat tune.” -Becca


“The Pot” by TOOL

TOOL - The Pot (Audio)

“Feeling the heavy side this week, and rock tracks like this provides a much needed energy to refuel. If you’re into clean psychedelic jams with powerful riffs, sick bass progressions, and the switching of time signatures, “The Pot” is your remedy. The vocals are the icing on the cake.” -Jay


“Willie the Pimp” by Frank Zappa

“Grimy garage style instrumental keeps me up. I like playing this when I need to write something with a lot of energy and action.” -David


“Love My Way” by The Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way (Official Video)

“The delicate tine riff throughout the tune makes me feel like I’m dancing around a yellow, caution tape and a few dead bodies. I feel so creepy, but I love it.” -Allie


“Movie” by Oscar the Wild

“One of the many great young bands coming out of Adelaide, Australia, Oscar the Wild makes heady, honest rock and roll that will always have a place in this world.” -Andrew


“Bank Holiday” by Blur

Blur - Bank Holiday - Parklife

“This one goes out to everyone in Poland returning from their January 6 bank holiday. Cancel those out of office messages--it’s time to get back to work!” -Willie


“Pickles from the Jar” by Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett - Pickles from the Jar

“A cute song about how you don’t have to have much in common to be in a happy relationship, as long as one of the things you do have in common is Christopher Walken.” -Becca


“God Complex” by Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes - God Complex (Official Video)

“My friend recommended this band knowing that I fancy alternative English rock. This duo from Brighton, UK have five records out, and am still perusing their discography.” -Jay


“It’s OK” by Pandrezz & j’san

Pandrezz X j'san - it's ok

“I always listen to this when I read or study. Just perfect instrumentals to keep me calm and proactive.” -David


“My Town” by Wild Child

Wild Child - My Town [Official Music Video]

The intro and first verse lead me to believe this was potentially a new Julia Jacklin tune, but after further listening I heard a darker rasp to the vocal quality that had me checking who the artist was. Wild Child will definitely be on my listen list for 2020!” -Allie

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