Andrew Baker


Andrew Becker is the founder, CEO, Creative Director and a content creator at Renaissance People’s Media. He loves music of all kinds, sports, TV, movies, people, and the things that tie them all together. His favorite dinosaur is a Parasaurolophus, his favorite day of the year is the Triple J Hottest 100, and one time, he gave Vanilla Ice a poem that he written about him.

Allie Pasiuk


Allie Pasiuk, also known by her moniker “Al Pash”, reigns from the true Winterfell of America- Minneapolis, MN. As co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of RPM, Allie stands aside Andrew, bringing the vision of Renaissance People’s Media to fruition. Her concoction of passions include music, art, travel, and humanism; all reasons that ultimately lead her to the doorstep of RPM.

Allie Pasiuk

Becca Kravchenko, Content & Social Media Manager

Becca Kravchenko describes herself as an “up and coming punk.” She graduated from Augsburg University with a Bachelors of Art in Theatre Arts (tech/design) and a minor in Music Business. She currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Most nights you can find her at a concert, either working or attending. Her dream job is to be the drummer for System of a Down- the only thing stopping her is knowing how to play drums.

Willie McDonagh

Willie McDonagh, Writer

Willie is originally from Illinois, but now lives in the Twin Cities. His loves include enormous folk music archives, sweet songs, and the one true romantic: Jacques Brel. You may find him clapping at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, smiling on the light rail, or browsing breads at Cub Foods. He enjoys curating music on the radio from time to time, but even more he enjoys writing about new, exciting, and uncomfortable music!

Colleen Cowie


Colleen is originally from Washington, D.C. and now lives in Minneapolis. She is the founder of Pass The Mic, a blog dedicated to amplifying the voices of women, trans, and non-binary folks in music. When she’s not writing about music or recording a podcast, Colleen plays guitar in local bands and visits music venues around the Twin Cities. You can catch her at The Cedar Cultural Center or 7th Street Entry seeing a show, or curled up at home where she enjoys knitting, baking, and reading feminist novels.