Andrew Chats with Lola Marsh

Andrew Chats with Lola Marsh


While at SXSW, Andrew caught up with Yael and Gil from Lola Marsh, a Tel Aviv-based indie pop band who are as lovely as their melodies. They chatted about film scores, geeked out over Timothée Chalemet, and Yael fell in love with Andrew’s trademark coat:


From left: Gil Landau, Yael Shoshanna Cohen (feat. Andrew’s coat)

Andrew: How’d you get into music?

Yael Shoshana Cohen: I was so into performing as a child: acting, performing, singing…I went to music school at a young age–

Gil Landau: There’s a nice story about her guitar teacher– I love this story, you have to tell it.

Y: Do you want to tell it?

G: No it’s yours…want me to tell it? Okay. When Yael was thirteen she started to take lessons with her guitar teacher, when her boyfriend at the time told the guitar teacher: “hey man, she can SING.” The teacher said “okay, want to sing something?” Yael sang Suzanne Vega’s “Luka” and the teacher was just was blown away, and he told her, “okay from now on we’re dropping the guitar and just focusing on singing….” How’d i do?

Y: Very good!

G: I’m your spokesperson now.

A: Yael, you should tell Gil’s story!

Y: (imitating Gil) “Since the age of six, I’ve been playing the piano…”

G: With the imitation also!

(All laugh)

Y: So yeah, when the guitar teacher took me under his wing and told me to go to music school, it made me feel like I was good enough. Then, things really changed when I met Gil. I moved to Tel Aviv from a small town, and I met him shortly after…it changed my life. (to Gil) Now you go.

G: “Since the age of six…”

(All laugh)

G: My parents tell me I used to perform in front of the TV set as young as four years old. At age six, I started taking piano lessons, and at 11, I saw my brother playing Smells Like Teen Spirit on guitar, and I thought, “Oh my god. Piano, it’s been nice: hello guitar.” I started to play in a couple of bands before I met Yael and I was into those bands, but when I met her, it was magical, and we both felt like we had something special. We met four or five times a week for 12 hours, writing songs, getting to know each other. The most important part is to get to know each other when you’re in a band.

A: So you immediately hit it off?

G: The first time that we met, it was magic. The rest of the room vanished. We scheduled a couple of meetings, and it was really awkward at first, like a first date. We had to feel each other’s musical tastes out. For example, Yael really liked Irish music, which I wasn’t into, because I came from a background of psychedelic music, which she didn’t like…it took us time to get used to each other. Our third or fourth meeting we wrote our first song, then we started meeting every day…and the rest is history.

A: What artists did you find that middle ground on?

Y: I didn’t know Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver back then, and he introduced me, and I played Edith Piaf and Nina Simone for him–

G: Soundtracks!

Y: Yeah, like Westerns, Cinematic soundtracks…

G: Classic rock like the Moody Blues, Elvis, stuff with epic strings…

Y: We’re really romantic people.

A: I feel you. What are your favorite film soundtracks?

Y: For a Few Dollars More!

G: Everything Ennio Morricone does, he’s the king,

Y: Star Wars and John Williams–

G: Lion King is one of the best ever! Elton John is fantastic.

Y: The Amelie soundtrack!

G: We both really like the album “Rome” by Danger Mouse and Danielle Luppi, do you know it?

A: I don’t!

Y: You have to listen to it!

G: It’s one of the albums that changed our way of thinking because it incorporates aspects of Spaghetti Western scores into a studio album…he brought Norah Jones and Jack White into the studio and they feature on it.

A: That’s quite the team, I’ve got to listen! Are there any artists you find yourselves drawing from in the studio?

G: One song of ours that we really like called “She’s a Rainbow” is very inspired by Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin.” It was definitely an homage to those guys.

Y: I remember when we wrote that song, we had [Nights in White Satin] in our mind. We loved the atmosphere and wanted to pay tribute to it.

G: It’s one of the classics. The chorus, “I love you…” it’s so simple and amazing.

A: What about lately, what have you been listening to?

Y: Lots of Sufjan Stevens. I’m obsessed, especially the last two albums, Carrie and Lowell –and have you seen “Call Me By Your Name?”

A: So good!

G: Don’t say anything, I haven’t seen it yet! I will.

A: I actually ran into Timothée Chalemet in the revolving door of the Marriott the other day.

Y: Wait. He’s here??

A: Well, you know what Lola Marsh are doing later…

Y: Please come see us, Timothée.

A: Where can the rest of the country see you?

G: We’re going to Boise, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara after this, so catch us here at SXSW, or there.

A: Any plans to come to Minneapolis?G: I want to but it depends how things go…Brandon and Brenda Walsh from “Beverly Hills, 90210” are from Minneapolis, so I want to go there.

A: When can we get new Lola Marsh in the US?

Y: Our new album, Remember Roses, is out everywhere. Right now we’re writing new materials–

G: We’ve got two months in Tel Aviv after the tour to chill and write some stuff…maybe our next album will be in 2019? No promises, though.

A: Thanks so much for hanging out with me, guys!

Y: Thank you! Can I wear your coat?

A: Hahaha, sure. Want my sunglasses too?


From left: Gil, Andrew, Yael, coat


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Lola Marsh’s debut album “Remember Roses” is out everywhere now.

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