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Global Glimpse: Portugal

Warm up some frango and pour yourself a cold glass of ginjinha, because RPM is taking you to Portugal this week for Glob...

By Andrew Becker | September 15, 2021
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Celebrate the Summer of Soccer with These Tournament-Themed Playlists

The summer of 2021 will not just be remembered as #VaxxedGirlSummer, but as the summer that saw an unprecedented number ...

By Andrew Becker | August 04, 2021
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Dream Setlist: DZ Deathrays

article by Genevieve Peady, photo by Rei Kingsland Brisbane-bred dance punks DZ Deathrays are one of Australia’s m...

By Contributor | July 28, 2021
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We Turned the U.S. House of Representatives Into a Playlist

I’ve never been proud to be an American.   Well, that’s only partly true. I, like many, grew up with th...

By Andrew Becker | June 25, 2021
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Global Glimpse: Chile

The story of Chilean popular music is inextricably tied to the U.S.-backed overthrow of the democratically elected Allen...

By RPM | March 12, 2021
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Global Glimpse: Manitoba

The Canadian province of Manitoba stands as the doorway its hallowed Prairie, a region rich in national heritage. So it ...

By RPM | January 08, 2021
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Global Glimpse: Latvia

This week’s Global Glimpse sees us head to the Baltic nation of Latvia, where modern songwriters and local legends...

By RPM | December 18, 2020
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Don’t Miss Karen O and Willie Nelson’s New Duet of “Under Pressure”

Karen O and Willie Nelson come together on an unexpectedly fantastic version of “Under Pressure” Covers are ...

By Brian Fox | December 16, 2020
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The Big Easy Blends Garage Rock, Pop Punk, and Emo and Makes Something Greater

The Big Easy’s energetic and heartfelt debut A Long Year is angst at its finest and most honest. Indie rock can be...

By Brian Fox | December 14, 2020
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Global Glimpse: Angola

Kuduro, Kizomba, and Semba are just some of the many genres that make up the whole of Angolan music. Here’s a prim...

By RPM | December 11, 2020
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Guano is the Explosive Opening Salvo from Spooky Canadian Punks, Shitbats

Shitbats’ debut is an explosive package of irresistible spooky surf punk, filled with attitude and energy. A good ...

By Brian Fox | December 04, 2020
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Global Glimpse: Uzbekistan

Pop is king among modern music in Uzbekistan, but burgeoning hip hop and Shashmaqam-inspired rock scenes take part in th...

By RPM | November 20, 2020