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Phoebe Bridgers Explores Trauma and Tragedy on Sophomore Record “Punisher”

On her long-awaited consecution to her 2017 debut, Phoebe Bridgers showcases prolific lyricism and meticulous melodies i...

By Harper Beattie | July 02, 2020
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RIZ LA VIE’s “Feed.” is a Cosmic Tool for Higher Introspection

RIZ LA VIE’s fourth studio EP released on June 4th is an exploration of the link that binds heart and mind in a so...

By Harper Beattie | June 24, 2020
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#TheShowMustBePaused: The Successes and Shortcomings of the Music Industry Black Out

June 2nd marked a day of industry-wide silence and reflection following a call to action under the hashtag #TheShowMustB...

By Harper Beattie | June 17, 2020
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Dream Setlist: Glass Animals

In an endeavor to relish in lost days of packed crowds and stage barricades, Boston’s Harper recounts her favorite...

By Harper Beattie | June 15, 2020
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Geyser Makes a Scene on Debut EP “Cover Your Eyes”

Minneapolis four-piece Geyser arrives on the alt-rock scene with impassioned debut, Cover Your Eyes. There are few thing...

By Harper Beattie | June 12, 2020