Renaissance People’s Media.

Hello, and welcome to
Renaissance People’s Media.

The Renaissance was a period of cultural rebirth out of a so-called “Dark Age.” Spawning from my ancestral homeland in Italy, it saw a global curiosity and a renewed interest in all things human. It was an era where having vested passion across all areas was the norm. It was an artistic revolution.

Though times have changed, I think we’re primed for another Renaissance. Everywhere around me, I see love, creativity, optimism, globalism, and the interest in our shared humanity that the Renaissance fostered. I see it through music, which makes us move, sing, cry, get goosebumps, and find each other on the same euphoric wavelength. I see it through sport, when a mass of perfect strangers rally around a shared identity. I see it through literature and film, where we’re led to reflect on our own humanity through the power of storytelling. And I see it through food, which relays centuries of culture through a simple ritual. These all couple with our modern age to connect people across continents like never before, and that gives me hope.

But when I look at the media, I don’t see an accurate reflection of what I see around me. I see a distorted image of the world, one where division and ignorance rule the day. Where people care more about social capital than social harmony. And where our daily discourse is so drenched in irony and sarcasm that sincerity isn’t encouraged, isn’t expected, and isn’t believed.

That’s why I started Renaissance People’s Media. I wanted to open a space where sincerity and humanism can once again be the focus. That celebrates the ability the art we create has to bring us together. That encourages loving what and whom you love as strongly as you love them, without fear of judgment. And that enables those who can’t live without their passions to connect with others who feel the same.

At RPM, we’re bringing sincerity into the spotlight, through the power of pop culture. We’re celebrating art’s ability to inspire genuine human connection across the globe. We’re discovering how the quickest way to know somebody is to find out what they love and why. And we’re showing how no matter who you are, where you live, or what you love, we are all profoundly human.

We are the Renaissance People. Thank you for joining us.

-Andrew Becker, Founder and CEO of Renaissance People’s Media